About Us

Dainik Sambad, the largest circulated Bengali daily of North East India was founded by Bhupendra Chandra Datta Bhowmik, the doyen of journalism in Tripura. The paper is distinguished for its down-to-earth approach since its inception while proceeding to keep pace with time and adopting newly emerged technologies. Wide coverage of current happenings in the state and around the world, the analysis of events is the main attraction of the paper.
The varied specialized sections like sports, cinema, entertainment, culture, business, etc have given the paper universal acceptability and took it beyond the reach of all others in the field. During the long journey, the paper acted as a catalyst of change and leader in opinion building. Bhupendra Chandra Datta Bhowmik Trust, on whom the founder has entrusted the responsibility of running the paper, is also committed to upholding the high moral standard and maintaining the commitment with all earnestness.